Here are some of the products and services we are currently offering or plan on offering to help advisors meet the needs of their students.


College Profiles

The College Overview page offers a quick fact sheet allowing students and advisors to drill further down into any data point. 

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Future Finder

A more in-depth tool to help students discover ideal careers and college majors based on their natural strengths, interests and skill-sets.

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College Match

Students can quickly get matched to schools that meet their needs by answering questions about their grades, interests, and ideal location.

We're improving this tool all the time based on user feedback.

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Cost Cutter

Finding the right school is only part of the journey. We can recommend which schools a family should be applying to in order to get their best possible chances of aid. After they receive financial aid offers, we can further help by analyzing their offers and recommending when and how they should be requesting more aid.

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Advisor Dashboard

View your students college and major matches, leave notes and make suggestions. The college advisor dashboard is your one-stop place to interact with students and their families.

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