Students and their parents know the benefits of a college education, but what they often don't have is a realistic idea of the risks involved. Some families may have an exaggerated view of the risks of student debt and avoid higher education altogether, while some push for their child to go to the most prestigious school they can get into no matter the cost. 

The truth is that it is possible for nearly any student to get into a school they can afford and experience the future they dream about. But it does involve planning ahead carefully.

Fit Matters

Studies show that students who choose a college that is a good fit for them are more likely to report having a good experience and feeling that their education was worth the cost. The lower their total debt levels, the more likely they are to report their educational experience favorably. In addition, students who choose good-fit majors tend to get better grades and are more likely to graduate on time! This makes finding a good college fit that is also affordable a priority.