What do you offer that free tools cannot?

While every student and family is unique, broadly speaking, there are two types of potential clients:

1. Those who are willing to invest in a professional service to help them make sense of the complicated college application process.

2. The Do-it-Yourselfers who will rarely be persuaded to pay for a product, but instead rely on one or several free tools to cobble together the information they need.

I'm sure you've encountered both types in your career as a college advisor.

Neither approach is wrong, but each advantages and disadvantages.

The DIYer may save themselves a buck, but they often have too much information to make sense of, and not all of it is accurate. The expression "drinking water from a fire hose" is applicable here, as there are plenty of resources out there to teach about college search, but where to start and how to interpret the information is overwhelming.

Attracting Your Ideal Customer

Certainly a paid professional would probably be helpful any student searching for college, but the service is more helpful for some than others.

The student who can benefit most from your services has these characteristics:

  • They have dreams of getting into top schools, but no clear understanding as to why those schools are a good fit for them.
  • They get good grades, but aren't really sure how to put together an application that will really impress admissions officers.
  • They are unsure of what major they should study, or how to pick a good major.
  • They have parents who are pushing them into specific schools without thought as to how difficult they are to get into, or how expensive they may be.

These are the scenarios where your services will likely be of the most help.

Can a free tool attract more clients?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but giving out a free tool can help draw your ideal customer to you.

College Factual’s free tools can work for both a client who is interested in your paid services, as well as for a DIYer who is looking for some free advice and is not able to commit to purchasing your services.

How it works:

Send a potential client an invite to set up their free college match profile. You will be notified when they accept and can check in with them in the next few days to comment on their progress and invite them to a paid session to discuss their findings.

The DIYer will take your free tool and go their own way, with little time investment from you.

But the client who is interested in paid professional services will instantly see how you can help them make sense of the information they have to sort through.

When done through College Factual's messaging system this communication will take just a few minutes out of your week.

Save Time & Focus on What Matters

When the time comes for your paid session with your client you have already gotten to know them by viewing their profile and initial list of colleges. 

You can skip an hours’ worth of testing and analysis and go straight into what the client really wants: personal advice and feedback. 

You can also send them away with some “homework” to do on the College Factual site, to get them better prepared for your next session.

Give Our Tools a Try

We believe our tools work best with a professional advisor to help pull everything together. It is rare to find a parent or student who is able to absorb all the data we provide and feel confident in putting a plan into action with no additional guidance.

College Advisors have been using College Factual tools to:

  • Bring in more paying clients.
  • Spend less time on analysis, research and assessment.
  • Spend more time in one-on-one sessions providing real value to clients.
  • Quickly earn the trust of clients and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Make their services more affordable and valuable.

Interested in giving it a try? Sign up for your free account.