The Difference Between College Search and College Match

College matching is a fundamentally different approach to identifying best fit schools than college search.

There are many sites out there that offer college search tools. These sites are what most students turn to to discover colleges. Many of these sites may even speak to helping students find their "best fit" or even promote themselves as a "matching" tool. But if all they offer is a search feature they are doing students a disservice. 

What is Search?

A search tool assumes that a student knows what they want and they know how to get it. This is often not the case, particularly for your average college-bound student.

You wouldn't go to a doctor and tell them what medication you are looking for based mainly on its retail price and the test scores of people who typically take them.  That is effectively what a college search site is.

What is Matching?

Matching is more what you would expect from your doctor. You would expect to tell them about you, your history and what the problem you are trying to solve (ie. your ailments). You would then expect that they, based on some collection of the latest accumulated knowledge of the entire medical profession, would present to you some solutions. You would expect to be walked through the pros and cons of each option, citing critical facts such as historic outcomes for people like you, so that you could ultimately make the best decision on how to proceed. That is matching. 

Why Real Matching is So Important

Matching focuses on first understanding the patient and the problem they are trying to solve (the thing they are an expert on) and uses that understanding to identify the best choice solutions (the thing the doctor is the expert on). They then work together in a back and forth dialogue till all questions have been answered, pros and cons weighed, and the patient has the information they need to make the most informed decision.

At College Factual, we do matching, not search.

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