Your Expertise + Our Technology = Super Hero

Of course, most advisors should already be considered superheroes.  The challenges they face and the large number of students whose futures they are expected to shape demand super hero powers, and they rise to the challenge every year.

But, even Batman has some pretty sweet tech to help him do his job better. Unfortunately for some counselors, the technology they have at their disposal isn't always the greatest, whether it's due to budget constraints, lack of awareness, or simply lack of existence of the tools that would really help them. Let's just say that at some schools the Batmobile lost it's wheel a long time ago and there's no plans to replace it.

The Right Technology For the Job

Technology alone is not the ultimate solution. In fact it is only as good as the person wielding it.  The purpose of technology should be to allow you to do your job better. 

The right tools in the hands of a capable professional can yield amazing results.  In the context of college selection, the outcome is that more students can be helped to make improved decisions and identify the colleges and majors in which they are most likely to thrive.

The ideal technology will meet the following guidelines:

  • Provide easy access to relevant data, and also anticipate the data a counselor and their student might need when reviewing colleges and majors and present it in an easy to understand way.
  • Go beyond simply displaying data and focus on the real insights that can be derived from the data.
  • Provide some basic education to students to save advisors from answering the same questions over and over again, freeing up their time for higher level discussions.
  • Assist advisors in keeping their students and parents on track by automatically alerting them when certain actions need to be taken.
  • Automatically gather relevant information about each student and present it in a way that allows an advisor to quickly learn a student's profile so they can "skip the small talk" and get right down to deeper discussions. 
  • Analyze the dizzying amount of data on colleges and on students and combine them to identify an initial robust list of great fit colleges and majors, thus reducing the initial research burden on the advisor.
  • Make sure students include a sufficient number of academic safety as well as financial safety schools.
  • Leverage the advisor's expertise and allow them to analyze and add to whatever data is automatically generated.
  • Allow an advisor to Customize matching algorithms to their student's unique needs.

That is our vision for technology that will turn advisors into even more powerful super heroes than they already are.

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