Why Financial Fit Shouldn't Be Left To Chance

Real financial fit should be one of the first things a student considers, not the last.

Unfortunately colleges commonly withhold actual price information from students until right before they must make their final decision. This is no doubt incredibly confusing for families, and it also creates a wildly inefficient marketplace that hurts the consumers of higher education.

A Tragic Tale of Lost Opportunity

We had the experience this past year of helping a family who was trying to make a tough decision regarding their final college decision. Unfortunately we had contact with them too late to really be an effective source for them.

The student had applied to a handful of schools based mainly on her ideal location without paying too much attention to the cost or selectivity of the institutions. When her accepted letters came in they were disappointed to find she had only been accepted to a couple of schools. 

Disappointment turned to distress when the financial aid offers arrived. The amount they had to pay was much higher than expected, and because they had made poor choices during the college selection and application portion of their search, their options were very limited.

This was an average student who actually had many options, but she was unaware of the possibilities. I'm convinced that their story represents thousands of families throughout the country. 

The Need for Change

Financial fit matters. For some families it matters a lot. The good news is any family can make their education more affordable by starting out early on in the process selecting schools that are great fits for their student academically, socially and financially.

Are you interested in joining us on this mission?