Every Day is Decision Day

For students who will be attending college in the fall, May 1st is a big day.

Dubbed "National Decision Day" this is the day students must make their final decision about where to go to college and submit their deposits.

Of course, not every college has a deposit deadline of May 1st, but it is common enough that high schools around the country celebrate decision day in order to promote college attendance.

Important Decisions Happen Every Day

Many advisors and counselors get frustrated with the hype surrounding Decision Day.

First of all, May 1st is a deadline that doesn't apply to all students. Many colleges have rolling admissions and many students can make their final college decisions at any time of year. This is especially true of non-traditional students or students who are attending local or community colleges.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, good decisions need to be made at every step of the college search and not just at the end. Students actually cannot make a good final decision unless they have started by building an intelligent college list full of good options for them.

The hype surrounding this one day of the year often obscures the hard work that must be done at the beginning. If students have done that hard work building an awesome college list and used reliable data sources, their final decision should actually be an easy one.

Good Data = Good Decisions

Do your students have all the information they need to make good choices?

Students and their families often feel overwhelmed and hopeless when it comes to the college search, and they don't even know where to start.

Rankings may provide some information, but they can only take you so far. The last thing you need is yet another student coming to you with a college list that could have been copied from the last US News ranking. 

In order to make the best possible decision for them, students need access to data that will tell them which colleges are actually helping their students, which schools are affordable to them, and what schools will meet their needs academically and otherwise.

If you're interested in trying a tool that can help you bring students from start to finish of the college search and selection process, click the link below.