Who We are

We are a college search and match finding website with data on our 1,400 different four-year schools in the U.S. 

We're on a mission to get every student into the best-fit college at their best price.

What we do

Here is just a sampling of our current tools.

College Match

Our College Match Profile analyzes hundreds of fit factors to help students find their best-fit school. Students are encouraged to answer questions relating to their grades, ideal school location, and financial concerns. This allows us to quickly create an initial list of college matches. The  more questions students answer, the more accurate it gets.


Majors Matcher

Majors Matcher is an advanced test that measures a students' natural strengths and interests to help them discover which college majors, and ultimately careers, are the best choice for them. 

The tool also recommends colleges based on their chosen majors and includes additional information on majors such as popularity, and potential salary.



The Advisor Dashboard is where you can interact with  your students, view their college lists, and leave comments and feedback. 

Learn more about our advisor tools.

Advisor Dashboard


Why we do what we do

Families shouldn't have to choose between a quality education or freedom from a mountain of debt. 


The benefits of a college education are well-advertised, but there are risks to sending a student off to school as well. Chief among those risks is graduating burdened with debt and with little direction as to what career to choose that will be fulfilling and enable the graduate to make enough money to pay off their loans. Students often believe they can only choose one or the other: love or money.

We believe that every student can find a school where they are supported and passionate about what they're learning, while at the same time not overloaded with debt. Will you join us on our mission?



How much does this cost for advisors or school districts to use?

Absolutely nothing. We are on a mission to help every student get the best education their money can buy. We believe advisors like you are our best allies in that fight and we don't want anything to get in the way of us working together to deliver on that mission. 

Why should I give this tool out for free?

This tool can be used effectively for both school districts, and private education consultants who rely on clients interested in paid professional services.

Both types of counselors have a limited amount of time to engage in research, assessments and analysis. This free tool provides a shortcut.

Step 1. Send out an invite to as many students or clients as you want through your advisor dashboard.

Step 2. Get notified when a student or client accepts your invitation.

Step 3. Check on the student progress and leave comments and feedback when appropriate.

Step 4. Invite the student or client to come in for a personal meeting with you to discuss their college list and see how you can help them make it better or come up with an effective college application strategy.

Step 5. Build trust in your students and clients by using College Factual data to back up your recommendations and insight. Students and parents will leave your office feeling like they have been well-served by you.

How are parents involved?

College Factual can be used with students or parents. Invite whoever you like to try out the tools using our invite system. Parents typically play a crucial role in helping a student make their final decision and we want them to be involved as much as possible.

Can colleges buy their way into your rankings or match suggestions?

Absolutely not!  Our rankings and recommendations are 100% focused on what is in the best interest of students and they are unaltered in any way based on whether or not a college is a customer.

How is this different from other tools I could use?

There are many other services, both paid and free, that claim to match students to colleges.

However, we find that the majority of these services don’t truly match and instead provide a search tool with filters. The best of these simply suggest colleges based on the student’s location or their major if they already know it. The worst of these tools suggest schools that have paid to be sponsored.

College Factual goes much further providing support for every step of the journey. 

We start with a student's strengths and interests, to help guide them to the right major choices. This allows us to suggest colleges that are not only a great fit based on the student’s location, financial and academic preferences, but also will provide the best education possible specifically in the majors and fields of study that are most important to that student.

This focus on the student’s strengths and interests first dramatically increases that student’s chances of discovering schools that are actually a great fit for them academically and socially.

It also allows them to construct strong applications, as they will have a better understanding of how to demonstrate their strengths to that school.

Research has supported the notion that students who choose a good-fit major and a school that supports them get better grades, are more likely to graduate in four years, and are more likely to enjoy their careers. This outcome is good for students, parents, counselors, and colleges!



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